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Evolve CodeBase:

DIY application creation process. We refer to this as the evolve CodeBase process. This is a professional program designed to allow you to communicate your requirements in a way that when combined with our advanced application code library will allow us to work together to build the applications that meet your business requirements.

The process is a multistage one that involves an initial consultation followed by a discovery meeting where we begin to uncover the feature sets and requirements that will allow us to successfully create the application that meets your core business requirements. After these documents are prepared and reviewed by both parties we will create a schedule, a professional statement of work, and produce a contract with all pricing information deliverable and definitions of what is to be delivered. At that point upon acceptance we will begin the process of delivering the applications that you requested.

Our primary advantage in this area is not only our years of experience in developing applications that satisfy customer requirements but it is in fact are CodeBase library which we will draw upon as a baseline.

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Available Modules:

MCM WebPromote

The WebPromote system allows MCM customers to quickly establish a fully branded website or to express the advanced, dynamic features of WebPromote within their existing website through the use of an i-Frame.

MCM MobilePromote

The MobilePromote systems allow MCM customers to rebrand our mobile applications to meet their corporate standards. In addition clients can choose from a variety of different deployments from a marketing engagement platform to a full e-commerce application.

MCM Central

MCM Central is our core marketing communications management platform. Is the engine that sits behind all of our products and enables their amazing functionality. The flexibility of this platform allows it to be used in combination with our retail platform or as a standalone marketing communication management service.

MCM E-commerce

The MCM e-commerce package is part and parcel of MCM Central. It is a module that allows you to develop a comprehensive database products and services to manage promotions associated with the sales of those products and services.

MCM Back-office

Supporting the entire retail platform is the MCM technologies back office. This web portal allows the configuration of both products, the creation of inventory, setting of price points, management of promotions including the advanced MCM marketing services.

MCM Storefront

MCM is proud to offer a fully functional web-based storefront completely managed by our MCM Central and back-office functionality. This web-based storefront is the perfect way to showcase goods and services across a wide variety of retail sectors.

MCM Engagement

MCM marketing services include the ability to create sophisticated targeted customer engagement communications. Our MCM Central platform is a template-based email, SMS, and mobile app push engagement virtuoso. The beauty of these marketing services as they are tightly integrated into our retail and marketing services platforms.

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We understand the business of e-commerce and how to convert lines of code into dollars on your bottom line. Our team of experts will work with your subject matter experts to ensure at the end of the day that we deliver an integrated solution and a partnership with the genetic foundation for many generations to come.

Application Strategy

Application Strategy

Our evolve CodeBase process enables you to take advantage of our years of experience in designing business applications. In the meetings leading up to your statement of work we will assist you in fleshing out the exact requirements needed to build the application you require.

Application Design

Application Design

Designing applications is something we do on a daily basis, one of our core passions, it’s in our DNA. During the Evolve CodeBase process we will help you create a stunning visual design to showcase your new application.

Application Development

Application Development

Application development is the process by which we turn the abstract requirements that were created during the evolve CodeBase process into fully functional business DNA. We’ll use all the application creation tools at our disposal, following best practices to ensure that your application works as expected and delivers beyond your requirements.

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